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News and updates about the website!
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TripleAWarClub News : New War Club Forum
Posted by prastle on 2016/10/14 18:40:00 (734 reads)

Dear Triplea-User,
The new War Club/Forum has been built here https://forums.triplea-game.org

Please join and register. Atm this forum has had new users blocked. Guests are allowed as read only. Eventually it will be read only,

Sincerely Prastle

TripleAWarClub News : The future of the Triplea Warclub
Posted by yamamot0 on 2016/8/19 15:40:00 (1189 reads)

At the moment the Triplea Warclub is going through some kind of a transformation.
You can join the discussion here:
http://www.tripleawarclub.org/modules ... ewtopic.php?topic_id=2323
We hope to be able to bring more tournaments and a more active ladder in the future. Please take part in the discussion in The War Room. You can join the discussion here:
http://www.tripleawarclub.org/modules ... ewtopic.php?topic_id=2324
- we depend on you.
We would love to hear the view of all players who are interested in tournaments and in a ladder.
We also hope to find some players who want to support our gaming-community in an active way by helping us to moderate and develop the Warclub and the lobby.

TripleAWarClub News : Attn Hotmail/Microsoft Users
Posted by Bung on 2016/2/28 20:10:00 (1143 reads)

We've been working hard on getting hotmail (outlook/live.com) to unblock our new server, but check your Junk Folder. If possible use a GMail or other email account when using the MARTI dice server http://dice.tripleawarclub.org. Sorry for the inconvenience, it's just a matter of time as their system learns to accept the new server!

TripleAWarClub News : February '16 Maintenance
Posted by Bung on 2016/2/14 18:37:21 (1039 reads)

There will be some website maintenance scheduled throughout February. If the site is closed, I'll try to say when it will be on-line on the maintenance page. The Lobby and Dice Server should be unaffected. Any web developers, please contact me if you'd like to support TripleA!


TripleAWarClub News : Looking for PHP developers
Posted by Bung on 2016/2/14 18:34:17 (2281 reads)

If anyone is or knows a PHP developer, please contact me, the War Club will need some support to stay alive!

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