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PBEM Visual Guide

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As requested, here is a quick guide to starting a pbem.

1. First, open up triplea, and click Start PBEM Game:

Resized Image

2. Then, enter your email and your opponents email, it doesnt matter the order for To/Cc. If it's a ladder match, enter the challenge ID.

Resized Image

3. Choose your dice server. The offical ladder server is: dice.tripleawarclub.org. In order to use this server you need to visit http://dice.tripleawarclub.org and register your dice email.

3. a) Visit http://dice.tripleawarclub.org and enter your email:
Resized Image

Resized Image

3. b) You will get an email in your inbox, open it and click the link.
Resized Image

Resized Image

Resized Image

You're registered on MARTI!

4. Choose Game, set Game Options, press Play.

That's it! If you're the first country, you do your turn. Buy, move, combat, noncombat, placement. When you attack you select your opponents casualties as if they were your own (ie Respectfully).

IMPORTANT: In places where there are multinational defense forces, bombers, or naval combats, you need to request an Order of Losses (OOL) by email (with the save file attached) _AFTER_ you finish Combat Move, and _BEFORE_ you roll any dice (according to the ladder rules.)

Then once your turn is done, save the file, attach it in an email and send it to your opponent.

5. If you're receiving a PBEM file by email, save it to your computer. Then open up TripleA then press "Load Saved Game" and select the game file you saved to your computer. Now you can either go into "Start Local Game" to practice your move, or you can "Start PBEM Game" to do your official move. Remember, the first MARTI rolls are the official rolls, so be sure to practice if you need to!

Additional Resources:

- Trooper has a couple common questions answered here:
http://www.tripleawarclub.org/modules ... iewtopic.php?topic_id=131

- The ladder rules have indepth expectations for PBEM ladder games:

Posted on: 2010/7/15 18:03

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Old Grognard Newbie needs PBEM setup help!
Just popping in
Just popping in

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Please Help an old grognard newbie! I wanna do PBEM but Marti dice server doesn't reply to me (I had to use "internal dice.") Then, I get hung up on the "Host" entry. My numeric IP address does not work. I try "smptserver.example.com" and substitute "aol" for "example" (I have 2 AIM/AOL accounts) but again no luck. I just want to play a simple "honor" PBEM with a friend after I test it myself. Can anybody give me a way to set up PBEM? I am stumped! Thanks! John (please reply goering99@aim.com if possible)

Posted on: 2015/8/16 6:34
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