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TripleAWarClub News : Ladder and Homepage
Posted by yamamot0 on 2016/10/14 18:40:00 (229 reads)

Dear Triplea-User,
The new War Club/Forum is being built here https://forums.triplea-game.org

At the moment the play-by-forum, the ladder section and other features are not working here in the war club.
If anyone is interested in keeping the gamingcommunity and the warclub active, we need your help. So if anyone is or knows a PHP developer, please contact me. The War Club will need some support to stay alive and keep the ladder running!
The site is at a point where we either need to cut it back significantly, and give up on half a dozen ideas, or some fresh blood is needed to pick the site up. This Page is based on XOOPS at the moment, but you can go your own direction with it.

TripleAWarClub News : The future of the Triplea Warclub
Posted by yamamot0 on 2016/8/19 15:40:00 (510 reads)

At the moment the Triplea Warclub is going through some kind of a transformation.
You can join the discussion here:
http://www.tripleawarclub.org/modules ... ewtopic.php?topic_id=2323
We hope to be able to bring more tournaments and a more active ladder in the future. Please take part in the discussion in The War Room. You can join the discussion here:
http://www.tripleawarclub.org/modules ... ewtopic.php?topic_id=2324
- we depend on you.
We would love to hear the view of all players who are interested in tournaments and in a ladder.
We also hope to find some players who want to support our gaming-community in an active way by helping us to moderate and develop the Warclub and the lobby.

TripleAWarClub News : Attn Hotmail/Microsoft Users
Posted by Bung on 2016/2/28 20:10:00 (695 reads)

We've been working hard on getting hotmail (outlook/live.com) to unblock our new server, but check your Junk Folder. If possible use a GMail or other email account when using the MARTI dice server http://dice.tripleawarclub.org. Sorry for the inconvenience, it's just a matter of time as their system learns to accept the new server!

TripleAWarClub News : February '16 Maintenance
Posted by Bung on 2016/2/14 18:37:21 (697 reads)

There will be some website maintenance scheduled throughout February. If the site is closed, I'll try to say when it will be on-line on the maintenance page. The Lobby and Dice Server should be unaffected. Any web developers, please contact me if you'd like to support TripleA!


TripleAWarClub News : Looking for PHP developers
Posted by Bung on 2016/2/14 18:34:17 (1352 reads)

If anyone is or knows a PHP developer, please contact me, the War Club will need some support to stay alive!

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