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TripleA is an Open-Source Java strategy game engine. The War Club is a place to play on an Axis & Allies ladder and/or find PBEM games.

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To play some great strategy games, follow these steps!

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  • The Lobby - Start TripleA, press "Find Games on the Lobby server."
  • The Ladder - Join a ladder, then use the "Find Opponents" page or try the lobby!
  • Play by E-Mail - Find casual PBEM users in the PBEM Forum.
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New War Club Forum Posted by Admin
Dear Triplea-User,
The new War Club/Forum has been built here https://forums.triplea-game.org

Please join and register. Atm this forum has had new users blocked. Guests are allowed as read only. Eventually it will be read only,

Sincerely Prastle

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