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TripleA is an Open-Source Java strategy game engine. The War Club is a place to play on an Axis & Allies ladder and/or find PBEM games.

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  • The Lobby - Start TripleA, press "Find Games on the Lobby server."
  • The Ladder - Join a ladder, then use the "Find Opponents" page or try the lobby!
  • Play by E-Mail - Find casual PBEM users in the PBEM Forum.
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Ladder and Homepage Posted by yamamot0
Dear Triplea-User,
The new War Club/Forum is being built here https://forums.triplea-game.org

At the moment the play-by-forum, the ladder section and other features are not working here in the war club.
If anyone is interested in keeping the gamingcommunity and the warclub active, we need your help. So if anyone is or knows a PHP developer, please contact me. The War Club will need some support to stay alive and keep the ladder running!
The site is at a point where we either need to cut it back significantly, and give up on half a dozen ideas, or some fresh blood is needed to pick the site up. This Page is based on XOOPS at the moment, but you can go your own direction with it.

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